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Sugarbay Luxury Holiday Resort for Kids and Teens

Sugar Bay is a luxury holiday Resort designed only for kids and teenagers. Based on the American Summer camps, Sugar Bay is open during the school holidays for all kids between the ages of 7 and 17.

The camps during the school holidays are all a week long, normally running from Sunday to Sunday, but outside of the school holidays, they also run shorter programs for school groups, bonding tours or leadership camps.

While the kids are away for the week, they will get to participate in a huge range of activities, in fact, the last count was 90 activities. The kids aren’t forced to do anything, they get to choose which activities they would like to do throughout the day. The activities on offer range from Surfing to Tree Swing, Drama and Arts to Kayaking, Skateboarding to SCUBA Diving and from BMX’ing to Knee-Boarding.

We guarantee that your children are safe with Sugar Bay’s 24 hour supervision rule, as well as their 1 : 3 Staff to Child ratio. All of the staff are hand selected and highly trained from applicants from all over the country.
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Kids and Teens Accommodation
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